December 16, 2008

Free Writing

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A few months ago when I was in the library at school and I had run out of things to do, I went onto the computer and just started writing, doing a real free write, where you just start writing about what ever comes out. Here is an excerpt from what I wrote. 


“Now. We stand, watching a living home, stare down the little boy and wonder at his amazing wonders. He cannot see what the house is thinking, but the house knows what the little boy is think. I know where I am going to find that boy and then we will find that one gem that everyone searches for. Friends and foes are not so far apart and not so close either. A friend is love a foe is hate. And if love and hate are not opposites friends and foes are not opposites either. I know that my true friends love me and I love them. Don’t let anyone understand that you care what they think, because you are who you say you are, and you must remember not to say bad things about yourself or else others will say the same. I know that life will throw things at me over and over again but soon I will be out on my own, then it will throw more.”

Just a glimpse of my mind.


Camp Winnarainbow Experience

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This summer while at the camp I go to every year, I had a cool experience. I wrote about it some time in the first month of school.


The sea of young bright faces are silent, watching the man standing before them. All is still as the man speaks. “You are all beautiful. Each and every one of y’all is beautiful. If you ever look in the mirror and you don’t look beautiful, walk away because that mirror is lyin’ to you.”

At most times in their life, these young faces would never believe him. However, tonight is different. Tonight, they had danced without fear of judgement. They look around.

Each face is free of prejudice and fear, love radiates off of each spirit, and everyone is truly beautiful. In each mind, they think the same thing, “If all these people here are beautiful tonight, then so am I.”

Beauty is about the heart, a beautiful heart is a beautiful mind. A beautiful mind is a beautiful soul. In each pair of shining eyes there is love, there is beauty. 

October 14, 2008

To Leela

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I wanted to post something, so I dug up a poem I write for a newborn little girl next door. She is now 4 months old!!!! 



Welcome to the world Leela dear,

Where ocean waves fall and trees are tall,

Where the clouds will tear.

Welcome to the world Leela love,

When a new child cries next door,

When the angels sing from above.

Welcome to the world Leela darling,

What makes this summer morning sing,

What allowed the winds whirling,

Of joy to see her stirring,

To see a new beauty born.

October 8, 2008

Material Things

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In World History we were discussing the philosophies of Greek leaders such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. 

We talked about happiness, and material things. Is someone who seems to have it all really happy?

To me, the answer could be yes, but not because of the things they have. 


Life is not about material things, not about cell phones, computers, TV, books, homes, cars, and all. Life is about the experiences you have.

While people desire material things, when they get it, they only desire more. This isn’t true happiness. To desire stuff brings disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness, and when whatever is desired is obtained, there is only a moment of happiness, followed by more desire.

No. It is the moments in a lifetime, the things that can’t be bought. Family, friends, love, the environment, ideas, random thoughts, randomness in all. Life is about finding the happiness of singing with friends over a vast lake and a starry sky. About finding the fun in randomly walking on the beach at 4 o’clock in the morning, or telling your friends that you love them, and meaning it. Happiness comes from a visit from a friend when you have a fever, or a hug that someone gives when you need to cry it all out. I have many people in my life that mean everything to me, and they are worth more to me than the most perfect car ever, worth more than a license itself. My friends and my memories of being with them are worth more than 1,000 material wishes coming true.

So material things bring more negative feelings, while I myself feel completely happy with myself, my understanding of this brings me to feel that there is little value in money, homes, schoolwork even. School work is a material thing, because it only gets you grades, which are also material. The happiness in school is learning to learn, because learning is fun.

Material things are nothing compared to the things that really matter in life.

September 16, 2008

Many Opinions

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With the election coming up, it’s interesting the kinds of things that are talked about. Who is the better candidate? Who will make a good president? Vice President? What bills should be passed/killed?

It’s amazing how much stress is on about this stuff. Probably because we have the right to vote.

Or… most of YOU have the right to vote.


Well I guess it makes sense that I can’t vote, most people my age are shallow, they would do what their friends or family tells them.

I know several people who understand the importance of voting. It’s sad that the young with a voice cannot be heard by it’s country.

It’s crazy though, 18 for me is just around the corner, I am sixteen now, about to get my drivers license, and eighteen is in sight. College is what high school looks like to a sixth grader, it’s crazy. My life has always been sort of mapped out for me what with school, where I live, what I do.

But college, that’s like, opening a whole new amount of possibilities.

Most of the time I stray away from that subject. College scares me a little, all the work, testing. SATs are next year, and I hate testing.

But anyway back to politics. It’s amazing how there is so much fuss over all this, but also it’s great how we get a voice (most of you get a voice). We, the people of the United States. Or I guess You the people. 

You. Adults of the time, Take some responsibility here. Do you know how many times I have heard this sentence: “You’re the new generation, you have to fix things.”


It’s crazy how so many people think that making a difference is only for young people. We can try to make a difference, but honestly, I think the the older generation should too. We follow example, and if the older generation is slacking off on the world, I don’t see why the younger generation will do anything differently. It’s OUR world, and I believe that we need to pull together on it, young and old, smart and dumb, strong and weak, men and women. All the ethical races, work together, we are all human and we share something, we share the privilege of living on earth and together. We also share the responsibility of keeping the peace and keeping the earth clean.

September 2, 2008

Free Write

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Ok, this is a real free write. Because I haven’t posted one in a while, I will debrief on what a free write is.

A free write is a writing where the author sits down and writes whatever crazy things come into their mind.

The one turned out to be a story, but I will put it under free write:

A cat ran fast and strong to escape the laughing child that chased it. Her mother called her into the house and the cat hide under the deck. Her green eyes searched the big green yard for more danger. She could feel the child’s footsteps entering the house above her. The cat moved slowly, leaving the deck, seeing a tall patch of dewy grass. She slid smoothly through it, barley making an imprint. She stalked the ground, searching for something to eat. She see saw a squirrel gathering acorns beneath the oak tree. The cat crouched, her eyes not leaving the squirrel who had not seen her. The cat moved closer and closer, watching the squirrel’s every move. Suddenly the squirrel seemed to sense he cat’s presence, and bolted. The cat races after it, her footsteps so quiet, the squirrel is not sure if she is still following it. The squirrel jumps, and lands on the side of an oak tree. Scrambling up it. The cat runs and leaps onto a branch. Leaping from branch to branch the cat chases the squirrel up the tree as fast as she can keep up. The squirrel gets to the top and laughs at the cat who has made it to the branch below her. It is evening, and the squirrel leaps one more time, spreads it’s wings and flies to the next tree. The cat climbed up to the top of the tree, astounded. Then, she felt a drop of rain. Her claws moved deeper into the tree as the rain began to fall harder. The cat meowed and meowed as she looked at the ground and saw how very far away it was. She felt the tree begin to move. Her fear became stronger as her wet fur began to weight her down. The cold bit at her pink nose, and she cried and cried, scared, cold, and afraid. The tree was moving more and more, she didn’t know if she could hold on any longer, when suddenly, a warm grasp held her small body, and she was placed in a warn jacket pocket. Slowly she felt herself moving down the tree. She shivered but curled close to the chest of the man who’s pocket she was in. She felt a thump, and a hand pull her out. The cat was handed to the little girl who had chased her. The little girl held her tenderly, and brought her inside.

The cat was safe at last.

August 14, 2008

A quotation from my summer assignment

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My summer so far has been all work. I work at Zero Meridian as usual, I worked at a youth sailing camp at the yacht club. I worked as a camp counselor at camp winnarainbow. 

Also I have summer assignments. Mostly they are pretty boring. However, I have to write 10 quotations from the book “Black Boy” by Richard Wright. I really like it. Here is one quotation that has an issue that has effected me personally. I also included my response.


“I know that not race alone, not color alone, but the daily values that give meaning to life stood between me and those white girls with whom I worked. Their constant outward-looking, their mania for radios, cars, and a thousand other trinkets made them dream and fix their eyes upon the trash of life, made it impossible for them to learn a language which could have taught them to speak of what was in their or others’ hearts. The words of their souls were the syllables of popular songs.” (page 273 full version)

In the minds of some, there is not much more to life than the man made things that commercials and T.V.s sell. Their fixation of the media and consumer products drive their whole personality. Others do not forget that life brings them so much more. In this quotation, Richard describes the feeling of being in the presence of the former, while he, the latter finds himself lost to the conversation. When someone who is in touch with their heart, mind, and senses is in the presence of someone driven by urban life, it is if the two speak different languages, even as both speak with one vocabulary. 

Richard feels this with the white girls because they have lived with hopes and dreams in urban life, and none having to do with intimacy, personal morals, or environment. Richard speaks of how he is surrounded by those who speak the same way as him, but the meaning behind their words mean nothing to him.  



My point in this quotation is that I have experienced this firsthand, being in the company of those who can go no deeper than “the syllables of popular songs.” I can’t talk to them. We can communicate, but we are unable to truly talk to one and other.

July 14, 2008

Bread and Cheese?

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“Bread and Cheese are like, the fruit of life!”

Kathryn said this. It’s an interesting idea. Every story with traveling involved, the traveler brings bread and cheese to eat.

Well I guess its pretty good. You got your starch and grains, you got your calcium, you got your protein you got a filling meal. Not bad. I wouldn’t bring just bread and cheese though. It doesn’t keep well.

July 10, 2008


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Sometimes I wonder where my childhood went. 


I guess I will always be a child through my life, but it was interesting today. I babysat a 5 year old girl, and I realized how much I have grown. She has endless energy. I can only go for so long and then I am exhausted. She however can run and laugh and play for hours! 

Her innocence is amazingly beautiful almost. Her laugh is so different from an adult laugh. A child’s laugh is an amazing thing, and I guess I have been away from kids so much that I have forgotten. I used to go to school with little children everywhere and now I go to high school where no one is under thirteen. 


Children are amazing.

July 5, 2008

Why Do I Blog?

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Why do I blog?

I have been thinking this over for a while, I mean, whats the point of writing down all these posts, why do any of you read them? 

I remember when the idea of having a blog first came into my head. My mom and I were in the car and I believe I was talking about George Bush with her. I was giving opinions and facts and just talking and talking, moving on to completely random things. 

My mom looked at me and said, “Audrey, you should start a blog for all these thoughts!”

I guess it was actually a way for me to shut up and quit talking about all these thoughts, but I just got excited and talked about what I could talk about on my soon to be new blog. 

I guess I blog because I can, because I have opinions and thoughts I can express and tell people, and the nice thing about a blog is that you readers can choose whether or not you want to listen.

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